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How to Write Great Product Descriptions for Your Online Store

How to Write Great Product Descriptions for Your Online Store

When you sell online, your product description is an integral part of your marketing strategy. Part of the marketing strategy is having a description that will give your customers the proper knowledge about what you are selling. The descriptions usually appear near the picture of your item to give information about how big it is and why this item would be suitable for your customer.

Creating descriptions will help you sell your items, make your business appear more professional, and develop a sense of trust with your customers. So, how do you write quality product descriptions that will keep customers coming back? Here we’ll go over creating the best item descriptions for your small business.

Think Like Your Customer

The first step in writing details is to imagine yourself as your customer. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers and consider what information you would want to see when purchasing a product. It is critical to include details and well as information such as how to use the item.
According to Oberlo, to do so, you must first understand your target audience and the products you are selling. “For example, if you sell fun items such as ugly Christmas sweaters or food-shaped jewelry, you could incorporate humor into it.” Customers who buy those products will likely appreciate an entertaining product description, so your text should be playful and light.”If you are selling products such as jackets or other articles of clothing, you may want to not put humorous descriptions for something a bit more serious. Customers may want to read the product in a more serious manner especially if the product is more about measurements or other details they need that can’t be in a humorous manner.

You also want to give consumers as much relevant information as possible without overloading them. If you were buying a product, you would like to have all the information but still be able to read through the details quickly. For this reason, it is in your best interest to keep them informative and to the point.

Tell a Story About Your Product

Another key feature you should include is to tell a story about your product. While you want to include all necessary information, you don’t want to have a bland blurb of text. The details should show your buyer how one would use the products and give context to allow the buyer to paint a picture. According to Shopify, there are many ways to create the perfect representation of your item that will help it sell faster: focus on your ideal buyer, entice with benefits, appeal to the reader’s imagination, justify with superlatives, and seduce with sensory words.

Shopify explains that when you focus on your ideal buyer, try to put yourself in their shoes. As for enticing the item with benefits, “Consider the benefit of each of your features. How does your product make your customers feel happier, healthier, or more productive? What problems, glitches, does it help solve? Don’t sell just a product, sell an experience.” Next, take your reader’s imagination to another level. You can give the reader a situation to think about. For example, have them think about what it is like having your items, such as when they bring an apple scented candle to their home, and describe the experience as thanksgiving dinner or something along those lines. Lastly, when justifying, make sure to have customer reviews at the bottom to make your product look even better.

Be Descriptive in a Creative Way

Another critical factor is how it should be described. You should provide details to assist your customers in purchasing it. Your writing should be creative and reflect the tone of your brand. The details should reflect your personality and give the reader an idea of the type of business you run. The best descriptions combine creativity with helpful information and specifics so that your reader can enjoy reading about your merchandise while still getting all of the information they need.

Use Important Keywords

A final, crucial aspect of creating an item description is using keywords. Using keywords is a great marketing strategy to draw web traffic to your site. Keywords are words or terms often searched in search engines and that most closely describe the information on your site, particularly in your products. If a customer searches on engines like Google, your item description contains this phrase, and your page will likely pop up on the customer’s search. Keywords are an aspect of search engine optimization or SEO and are a very effective way of getting more consumers to your web page. Now that you know all the basics, write those product descriptions!