Covid-19 Special NRS Pay Point of Sale Pricing: $699 (REG. $1299)

Cash Register vs. POS System – Why You Should Upgrade

The cash register has come a long way since its invention in the late 1800s as a rather clunky means of managing purchases and monetary transactions. In the years leading up to today, the cash register has evolved into a more powerful, digitized Point of Sale (POS) system. The most sophisticated POS systems offer a […]

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The NRS POS System and NRS Pay Credit Card Processing for CBD Retailers

Sales of CBD products at tobacco stores and smoke/vape shops have increased at a substantial rate over the past few years, with projections that sales will continue to climb. CBD products are already being popularly sold, and in an industry that is broad and statistically known for its customer loyalty, the potential for growth is […]

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