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5 Best Retail Markdown Strategies For 2022

What is Retail Markdown? A crucial element of small to mid-sized businesses is knowing how to sell overstock items and prevent taking a loss on extra inventory. One way to avoid losing inventory is by doing a retail markdown on items. Retail markdown is offering discounts on items that aren’t selling as much. For instance, […]

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What are the 3 Steps in Credit Card Processing?

Today, when customers shop in person or online, the most popular method of purchasing products is by using a credit card. Carrying cash has become outdated as many people have grown frustrated with having loose money that is difficult to remove from their wallets. Credit cards are more convenient for consumers and merchants who get […]

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How to Prevent Social Engineering Attacks on Small Business

What is Social Engineering Social Engineering can occur when a friend or a trusted source manipulates a user into giving them sensitive information. The phrase “social engineering” refers to a wide range of harmful behavior. ​​First, the attacker researches the target and learns about their behaviors and vulnerabilities, preparing them for the following stage: communicating […]

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