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The New Era of Payments: Integrating Contactless Payment Technology into Credit Card Processing

By mtalijan | February 13, 2024

Evolution of Credit Card Processing Key Milestones in Credit Card Processing Evolution The evolution of credit card processing technology has been marked by s

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Shielding Retailers from Credit Card Fraud: A Comprehensive Guide

By fbatista | October 2, 2023

  Credit card fraud is a growing threat to retailers but can be prevented with robust security measures. Retailers should train employees on how to spot

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guide to community management

Guide to Community Management for your Ecommerce Business

By fbatista | August 30, 2022

Community management has an array of social media platforms with groups that become a “community.” The community comprises existing customers, the target

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chart of accounts

Chart of Accounts: Info & Examples for your Ecommerce Business

By fbatista | August 23, 2022

For a small Ecommerce business, financial accounts are vital regarding bills, a rainy day fund, and that inventory meets customers’ needs. Therefore, it

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guide to dynamic pricing

Ultimate Guide to Dynamic Pricing for Your Small Business

By fbatista | August 16, 2022

What is Dynamic Pricing Dynamic pricing is a crucial tool for any small to mid-sized business owner to increase revenue. Using this strategy takes a lot of th

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