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Guide to Community Management for your Ecommerce Business

Community management has an array of social media platforms with groups that become a “community.” The community comprises existing customers, the target audience, and people who communicate with your company. Companies implementing a community management strategy typically bring their brand to life and expand their consumer base. It is all about the company’s relationships and […]

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Chart of Accounts: Info & Examples for your Ecommerce Business

For a small Ecommerce business, financial accounts are vital regarding bills, a rainy day fund, and that inventory meets customers’ needs. Therefore, it is fundamental that a small business owner creates and utilizes a chart of accounts. This financial organizational tool gives businesses an insight into all company transactions. Usually, this entails liabilities, equity, revenue, […]

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Ultimate Guide to Dynamic Pricing for Your Small Business

What is Dynamic Pricing Dynamic pricing is a crucial tool for any small to mid-sized business owner to increase revenue. Using this strategy takes a lot of thorough research and taking advantage of market trends, examining past sales, and keeping up with consumer demand and the competition in real-time. So, what is dynamic pricing? Simply […]

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