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What is Conversational Commerce? How ChatBots Can Help Your Business

What is Conversational Commerce? How ChatBots Can Help Your Business
With the Covid-19 pandemic still present and in-person interaction prohibited, customers have turned to Ecommerce to shop online. Online shopping was already famous before the pandemic, but it has exploded and become the most popular way to shop. Utilizing Ecommerce is a great way to expand your business not only in person but also online. Since there aren’t any employees working in stores helping customers and many help-wanted signs are being posted more frequently, companies have turned to having an online presence that provides quick assistance to their customers. While making their website, an easy and helpful tool many companies are using is a chatbot that automatically helps customers with their needs. Speech and language technology, and artificial intelligence, are behind the useful tools business owners use to assist online shoppers in real-time. These fall under the category of conversational commerce.

Conversational Commerce- What You Need to Know

Customers may ask questions and communicate with a salesperson while purchasing online via Conversational Commerce using cutting-edge technology. Customers that want assistance or have special inquiries can communicate with this system. The chatbot uses speech recognition, language processing, and artificial intelligence systems to interpret the customer’s questions. Customers can use these tools without speaking with a live person. Conversational commerce aims to replicate customer-employee interactions in a physical business while allowing customers to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

Is Your Business Right for a ChatBot?

A chatbot allows a customer to communicate with a company and ask inquiries via text or speech via instant messaging. Chatbots can also answer client questions by pulling information from a database at any given time. This reduces the demand for additional customer support personnel. It’s essential to consider what kind of questions your company receives and if they can be addressed by a chatbot or require more human involvement. The program also provides customer assistance and may save your company time and money. For example, according to, about 85% of customer interaction will be handled without human agents. Having chatbots on your online retail store is the way of the future as we know it. Many employees won’t need to answer questions online when you have robots programmed to do so. By answering quick questions, chatbots can help your company be more organized without having to rely on someone to answer their questions.

How Do ChatBots Help Sales?

Chatbots let clients decide if a product is appropriate for them by answering their questions. Chatbots can give customers a more positive experience, which leads to increased purchases. When you use a chatbot, you can make your company look more professional and organized; clients appreciate knowing that they can get help at any time. A chatbot might be the right move for you if you want to grow sales and innovate your small business.

Today customers expect the best and chatbots are one of the best and CHEAPEST solutions business owners can implement. Setting up a chatbot is not difficult and can help your business grow, without needing to hire more employees to interact with your customers online. The research and setup of a strong chatbot program can help your business become more lucrative as it pays itself forward with convenience.

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