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How Payments Help with a Direct To Consumer (D2C) Strategy

How Payments Help with a Direct To Consumer (D2C) Strategy

Did you know that companies sell more online than they do in stores? Since the outbreak, more people have stayed at home and have only been ordering online. Businesses took advantage of the opportunity and expanded their online stores to sell to consumers from all over the world.
Businesses are selling directly to customers more than ever before, from startups to multibillion-dollar corporations. After all, online purchases are more convenient for consumers since all of their credit cards are all on their phone. Consumers want convenience when purchasing products online. If you do not have the right payment methods for your store, consumers will likely not return to your store. In this article, we will talk about having the right payment methods that can help your customers have a pleasant shopping experience on your online store.

Having an Online Presence is Essential

The key to having your business become more successful is by also having an online presence. By having an online presence you are broadening the amount of customers you will have instead of having store locations.Your store needs to be recognized and the only way to get recognized is by using social media.You should also take advantage of all the great benefits that social media and digital marketing has to offer. For example, by using a social media platform such as MailChimp, you can create an email list of your customers so that you can reach out to let them know about sales, special promotions and exclusive coupons. Relying on physical fliers at the store is not enough. People are more likely to remember your offers from an email than a flier. In addition to emails, use all social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They have proven to be even better than email in attracting attention.

A Positive Payment Experience Drives Customers to Keep Coming Back

When a business owner wants to retain their customers, one must offer them a positive payment experience at checkout. One strategy to gain a devoted following is to engage customers through sales, promotions, and loyalty programs. All of these programs should be digital since the last thing customers want to do is put printed-out promos into their pockets. Once you have the best solutions to offer promotions digitally. Now it is time to start thinking about what payment methods you want to accept. If your shop is a “cash only” business, you will not see an increase in income because many customers are utilizing credit cards more than ever before as a result of the pandemic. About more than 191 million Americans have credit cards and the number has been rising since customers want contactless payment. If you also accept credit cards you will bring in more customers. Customers do not want to dig through their purses for cash or travel to an ATM to withdraw cash. Customers want convenience and if your business does not offer a quick and easy check out, customers will look elsewhere. If your business wants an easy check out process, National Retail Solutions can help. National Retail Solutions has a POS system that can help the checkout process go by quickly. Their features include inventory management, creating promotions, pricebook management and so much more.

The best POS companies, like National Retail Solutions (NRS), offer these options as well as premium features to best help your business succeed at approachable prices. NRS is the leading provider of POS systems to small to mid-sized, independent groceries, convenience stores, mini-marts, hardware stores, and alcohol and tobacco establishments throughout the country.

A modern POS system is key to the success of any small business for many reasons, including its ability to create a great payment experience. POS systems offered by companies such as NRS allow merchants to upload price books and SKUs into their system. This way employees will never have to manually look up prices and delay the line. Our POS offers sturdy hardware that won’t jam or malfunction, backing up the line.

Now that you know what you need to provide a positive payment experience and how payments help with direct to consumers, you are ahead of the game. Follow these D2C strategies and look forward to a happy, healthy and revenue generating New Year.

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