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The Importance of Accepting Credit Cards as a Payment Option

The Importance of Accepting Credit Cards as a Payment Option

When it comes to larger purchases, many consumers prefer to pay with a credit card rather than cash, yet many small and midsized business owners insist on only accepting cash. Paying high credit card processing fees, as well as monthly and surcharges that go unnoticed, can have a substantial influence on a company’s finances.

Payments made with credit cards have grown significantly in recent years as a result of the pandemic. Since clients were unwilling to leave their homes, contactless payment has become the standard. Customers find it significantly easier to pay online because it is already easy and convenient for them.

According to Spendmenot, 60 percent of American adults prefer to pay using a credit card, with about 200 million people owning one. In the United States, just 16% of people use cash to pay for small items. Businesses could consider adopting credit card processing as a payment method since many clients would be pleased with this option.

As a business owner, having more payment options for credit card customers has several benefits as well. According to, Businesses who take credit cards get plenty of advantages, including increased sales and the ability to sell things online and in person. Many business owners will benefit from accepting credit cards since their company will develop and will be able to sell more products.

Businesses should also take customer wait times into account. Customers will have to wait in line since the shop only accepts cash. There is nothing worse than having to search through wallets and bags in search of spare cash for customers. Customers and staff will be dissatisfied as a result of the store’s lengthier wait times.

Now taking this all into consideration, you need to know where to start. If you’re still concerned about how you’ll be able to finance credit card processing, National Retail Solutions (NRS), a leading provider of POS systems, can help small- to mid-sized convenience stores to accept credit cards without breaking the bank.

NRS Pay Cash Discount, a program designed by the corporation, makes the transition from cash to credit card use much easier. Customers who process more than $18,000 in credit card transactions a month are exempt from the NRS Pay Cash Discount monthly fee. In this case, the service is free!! Businesses processing credit card purchases under $18,000 are charged a $49.95 monthly fee. With cash Discount, the POS tabulates dual pricing so that the store can offer a reduced price for customers who pay with cash.

Using NRS’ Pay credit card processors does not involve extra fees, such as surcharges, early termination fees, or return costs. There is no fine print to be seen at all in this agreement. NRS stands out from the crowd because of its commitment to honesty and candor.

Company owners that use NRS Pay Cash Discount should expect to experience a huge increase in income in their business. This includes bringing earnings into the company, using it for renovations and marketing materials, or putting them away for a rainy day are all viable options.

There are so many options available. If you don’t accept credit cards, you’ve already made a big mistake. The transition from cash to credit isn’t as difficult as it appears thanks to services like NRS Pay Cash Discount.

Start with NRS Pay today!

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