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The NRS POS System and NRS Pay Credit Card Processing for CBD Retailers

Credit Card Processing for CBD Retailers

Sales of CBD products at tobacco stores and smoke/vape shops have increased at a substantial rate over the past few years, with projections that sales will continue to climb. CBD products are already being popularly sold, and in an industry that is broad and statistically known for its customer loyalty, the potential for growth is exponential.

Yet there are challenges to selling CBD products: a significant amount of credit card processing companies refuse to transact CBD purchases or charge extremely high fees for processing for these retailers, forcing many of these businesses to accept only cash. However, there is good news for CBD retailers. National Retail Solutions (NRS), the leading provider of POS systems and NRS Pay credit card processing for independently owned businesses nationwide, is committed to providing a complete checkout solution for CBD retailers. The NRS point of sale (POS) system has already gained traction as a #1 POS for smoke and vape shops, and NRS Pay recently announced that it is offering credit card processing for the CBD retail sector. It’s no secret that customers who pay with a credit card statistically spend more in stores and credit card acceptance is extremely beneficial for any retail business.

Here are some important frequently asked questions asked by shops that sell CBD products.

My business would prosper greatly if I was allowed to accept credit card payments. Are there any point of sale (POS) and credit card processing companies that service CBD retailers?

Yes, you are in luck! National Retail Solutions (NRS) happily serves CBD credit card transactions through its credit card processing system which integrates seamlessly with the NRS Pay POS or can be used as a standalone. The NRS Pay POS and NRS Pay credit card processing are extremely popular with tobacco and smoke/vape shops nationwide. You don’t have to have the NRS Pay POS to benefit from NRS Pay – but using them together offers a one stop shop for your checkout counter, with one number to call for customer support when you need help.

What are some of the factors that I should consider when obtaining a POS system and credit card processing for my business?

Choosing a POS and credit card processing company entails much more than simply going with the least expensive options. The NRS Pay POS offers robust hardware and custom-tailored, powerful software tools to help organize your business, attract customers and make more money. With seamlessly integrated NRS pay credit card processing, the NRS Pay POS captures all the needs of a busy CBD retailer. Sales, inventory tracking and user management, remote access via web and app, a free, built-in loyalty program and more; The POS offers a suite of user-friendly, proprietary interface Premium Features to help businesses boost revenue significantly and save money. Some of NRS POS’ optional features include Tobacco Scan Data, Government ID Scanning, DVR Camera Surveillance Integration, Digital Employee Time Clock, Customer Tabs for extending credit to customers or applying gift rewards, Ecommerce with your own ordering web site; and so much more! See

Tracking inventory is a tough part of my job. What advantages does the NRS Pay POS offer regarding ordering and reordering products?

The NRS Pay POS tracks inventory in real time from anywhere, 24/7, making your job a whole lot easier and allowing you to run your business more efficiently as you can order from anywhere at any time and won’t have to worry about understocking and overstocking. You can be notified when your inventory runs low. You can sign up to receive a daily summary of your sales via email each night. And you can access your POS back office via the ‘My NRS Store’ merchant app and download your reports from the online merchant portal.

Will the credit card processing fees from NRS Pay for my CBD shop be expensive and negatively affect my bottom line?

With NRS Pay, you can process transactions without fear that credit card acceptance will hurt your budget. You get a free credit card reader. NRS Pay’s Clean Rate is just 2.49% plus 10¢ per transaction and a reasonable $10 monthly account fee, with zero hidden fees. The second plan, NRS Pay’s signature Cash Discount program, is free if a retailer processes over $18K/month volume, and otherwise costs just $49.95 per month with $0 out-of-pocket transaction fees. The POS enables customers to receive an automatic discount for selecting to pay with cash. There is no long-term contract and no early termination fee, so you can cancel any time and return the equipment without any penalty.

To learn more about NRS Pay POS and NRS Pay credit card processing, contact NRS Sales at (833) 289-2767 or visit


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