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How to Integrate Payment Processing with Your POS System

When looking for point-of-sale (POS) technology, you might consider getting a POS system or credit card reader. You might already have one or both of these technologies. However, to get the most out of your POS and card reader, they need to have compatible hardware, software and features. When your POS and card reader are working together efficiently, it enables you to streamline your ability to take payments, which means you can take payments faster and give your customers a better overall experience. It is well worth the time and effort to find the best POS system with credit card processing for your business. This guide will explain how to choose a POS and card processor that suit each other.

How Do I Integrate a Payment Processor With My POS System?

If you’re like many business owners, you may not have given a second thought to how your POS system and card reader work together. If this is the case, however, you may be missing a great opportunity. It is not difficult to integrate POS with payment processing, and it can pay tremendous dividends when you do. Adding a card reader or POS system to your business can increase your profits and efficiency. When you combine these technologies in your workflow, you can improve your results even more. To ensure your company operates at peak efficiency, you need to find compatible hardware and software that let you take advantage of every feature available to you. Follow the tips below to make the process simple.

1. Choose a POS System

There’s no Point of Sale credit card processing without a POS system. Think of your POS system as the brain of your payment processing, taking inputs placed in the credit card reader and interpreting them as financial transactions for your business. Your POS system will act as the foundation of your customer checkout experience. It processes sales, records transactions and manages other critical parts of your business. You can use a POS for additional functions like tracking employee shifts and monitoring your inventory. Since a POS system records sales as they happen, you need your equipment and software to recognize your card reader. If you don’t have a POS system yet, you can use this opportunity to create a setup from the beginning. Business owners who have an existing POS system can consult their POS company for information about compatibility. The company may offer its own reader and processing service or have a suggestion.

2. Pick a Payment Processing Service

A payment processor, also known as a credit card processing company, handles the relationships and steps needed for credit card processing. Many of these providers offer card readers that work with their services. In some cases, you can also buy your own card machine. If you use a different company for payment processing than the one that provides your POS, you need to do careful research. Remember to check that all the hardware and software involved in both services work with each other. If you decide to use the same provider for your POS and card processor, you can leave it to the company to handle updates and compatibility. However, that also means you need to choose a provider that offers excellent customer support and frequent software updates.

If you work with multiple vendors, you have probably thought about how much easier things could be if you had a single vendor to deal with. For instance, it’s better to work with one company that delivers your produce than to make separate deals with both the grower and the delivery company.

Integrating POS with payment processing is a similar idea. If your POS provider and payment processor are the same, there is only one point of contact, which makes communication much easier. In addition, you can be sure that all hardware and software will be compatible.

3. Research Security, Customer Service and Extra Features

When considering POS and card reader providers, the experience they offer matters as much as their services and products. So many financial processes now happen through the internet, making us more vulnerable to fraud. Make sure your providers have security features like anti-fraud services and breach protection. You may also want to look into any costs for customer service and its availability.

What Benefits Come With POS-Linked Credit Card Processing?

Using an all-in-one POS solution and credit card reader together lets you take advantage of powerful business features. These technologies help you manage all aspects of your store and help you grow your profits. A comprehensive POS linked with a card reader provides the benefits listed below and more.

Faster Checkout Times

Your POS and card reader will save you time handling payments at checkout. You can use the POS to scan and enter item prices with unparalleled accuracy and add discounts within seconds. The POS calculates theses transactions and sends the information to your card reader.

This not only allows you to complete more sales in a much shorter amount of time, but it also means less wait time for your customers, which is something they will definitely appreciate. POS tools such as a scanner and integrated scale let you ring up items in an instant. With a robust payment processing machine, your customer can use a variety of payment types for their purchase. Once you finish the sale, your POS system will keep the information in its records.

Accurate Record Keeping

How much time do you currently spend trying to make sure the day’s or week’s credit card transactions are all in order and accounted for? You may be surprised what a difference a quality integrated POS system and card reader can make in this regard. The combination of a card reader and POS system can save you hours on bookkeeping and profit analysis. Your POS makes an immediate record of every credit card transaction at checkout. It also keeps track of check, cash and mobile payments so you can see all the money that goes into your store. An all-in-one POS solution includes comprehensive store statistics that show your profits and performance. These statistics use your sale records to calculate what types of items your customers buy and where you make the most money.

Increased Security

Even if it’s not already happening in your business, you have probably noticed that most companies with card readers have readers that are enabled for chip cards. There is a good reason for this. Modern card readers use EMV technology to protect you and your customers’ financial information. EMV reads the chips in the newest payment cards instead of a magnetic strip, adding extra layers of security. When it comes to digital financial transactions in the modern era, reliable security is critical. Today’s criminals are highly sophisticated and will stop at nothing to procure people’s private financial information. An EMV reader that takes chip cards can go a long way towards protecting your customers. Your POS system will also secure your information with employee logins and accurate records. The reports generated by a POS system can give you the necessary information to track possible theft or fraud. When you choose services that follow industry-best security procedures, you benefit from an even higher level of security.

Market Leadership

Adding a POS system and payment processor to your business gives you the features needed to become a leader in your local market. Major chain stores use these technologies to make business efficient, and you can give your customers a similar experience. A card reader that accepts multiple payment forms helps you increase your number of customers by giving them more options at checkout. With so many customers relying on cards as their primary payment method, you open up your store to more people than ever before.

POS+ Is a POS System With Credit Card Processing

At National Retail Solutions, Inc., we understand that small businesses like yours need a straightforward solution to sales management. You need resources that get the job done and make sense. We created the POS+ system and started our payment processing services to meet these standards. POS+, the all-in-one POS solution, includes all the software and hardware needed to process sales and grow your business. You can also add a credit card reader and processing services at an affordable rate. You’ll find all the benefits that come with an integrated POS system and payment processing solution mentioned above, including a free EMV card reader. Our system is the World’s Greatest POS System, and we will do everything in our power to make sure your payment card processing experience is a smooth and efficient one. We have successfully worked with a wide range of businesses and we have an appealing loyalty program to bring you even more benefits. Let us handle the complicated aspects of payment processing so you can build business strategies that increase profits. Get in touch with our sales team today to learn more about POS+ or request a quote.