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The Importance of Merchant Accounts for Businesses

As you get closer to the grand opening of your store, the anticipation grows. Your cash register is set up and ready to collect payments, and your credit card processor is up and running. So you might believe. Before opening their doors, store owners must first set up merchant accounts. Commercial accounts allow funds from […]

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Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

If you’re used to seeing disappointed looks on customers’ faces when they see a cash-only sign, it’s time to add credit card processing as a payment option for your small business. National Retail Solutions has all the tools and services you need to make this possible. Though credit card processing can be a bit complicated, it […]

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Choose the Best Credit Card Reader for Your Business Needs

Integrating a credit card processor with your point-of-sale (POS) system lets you expand your customer base to anyone who uses cards. Every credit card reader provider has different equipment and plans with unique strengths. With so many options on the market, you have endless possibilities for a reader that suits your business strategy. This guide will […]

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