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how to find new employees

How to Find New Employees for Your Small Business

By Hanna Nahorskaya | December 16, 2021

Prior to the store’s grand opening, a new small to mid-sized business owner must find, hire, and train suitable workers. A business owner must devote ti

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what to look for in a business partner

What to Look for in a Business Partner

By Hanna Nahorskaya | December 16, 2021

Running a small to medium-sized business may be difficult. When managing goods, a business owner must continuously manage beginning capital. Also, a business

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why merchant accounts are important

The Importance of Merchant Accounts for Businesses

By Hanna Nahorskaya | October 15, 2021

As you get closer to the grand opening of your store, the anticipation grows. Your cash register is set up and ready to collect payments, and your credit card

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payment gateaway and how it works

What is a Payment Gateway & How Does it Work?

By Hanna Nahorskaya | October 14, 2021

A small to midsize business’ success depends on having an up-to-date, secure, and error-free payment gateway. Some people may be unfamiliar with the wor

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credit card processing authorize and capture

Credit Card Processing vs. Authorize and Capture

By Hanna Nahorskaya | September 16, 2021

There’s more than one way to process a credit card, which may come as a surprise to some independent owners of mid to small-sized businesses that are us

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